Monday, 20 September 2010

Green Lantern of the Third Kind

I wanted to go as alien as possible for my Green Lantern-- it's kind of a pet peeve of mine that most fictional aliens are, like, human, but with blue skin or a ridged nose or something. My Green Lantern hails from a gas giant planet in a distant, sunless sector of the universe. The atmosphere of his planet is liquid methane, and his people slide up and down silicate stalks absorbing ambient nutrients from its environment. It's a closed system, in that it has no substantial free-floating appendages to put a ring on, so it swallowed it's ring thru its cloacanus. It has no concept of green, being without eyes, so it depends on descriptions of the universe provided via direct mental stimulation from its ring.

How's that for some comicbookey sci-fi gobbledy gook?


  1. You should write this stuff for a living...oh DO!

  2. Tim is absolutely right. I did draw this the other way up. I forgot to flip it after I scanned it, but really, who could tell?