Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Did he who made the Lamb make thee?

So when I was a kid there was a Faber & Faber book of children's stories on my bookshelf. There was a story inside about a hunter going to kill Lions ( a pretty screwed up story BTW and completely unacceptable to a modern audience ) In the story there was a scene where a Lion lept at the hunter. There was an illustration to accompany it that frankly terrified me out of my wits. This image of a Lion leaping towards the reader was so powerful that I could not open that book for fear of seeing it. Not only that but I developed a prejudice against Faber & Faber books because they all had the same spines at that time.
This Tyger is drawn in homage to that Lion.


  1. I literally gave a start upon seeing that Tyger-- very scary. I wish, though, that the last line of your text had read" This Tyger is drawn in homage to that Lyon".