Monday, 27 September 2010


Hello, for Paul Pope's birthday this weekend I did a sketch of Pope's child-defender, Battling Boy! He gains the power of whatever's on his t-shirt, so I put Gonzo on there - the world's his oyster!

I actually colored the first forty-something pages of this book, and while I couldn't tackle the rest of it I will miss looking at Pope's gorgeous artwork before anyone else. I met Pope in Baltimore a couple months ago - great guy, tells me he works with a 000 Brush! (!?!?!?!?) still don't know whether or not he was yankin my chain


  1. YANK!
    Is that one of the t-shirts from the story?

  2. I hate to think what powers he gets from a Gonzo t-shirt. I just hope that there aren't any chickens nearby when he wears it.

  3. If he were to wear my " F@#k the Pope" T-shirt....what would his power be then?