Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Dazzler Roller Derby!

I have little of the affinity for the character that Simon seems to evince for her, but I always kind of dug her 70's design. I took what worked best from that get up (a general sparkliness and roller skates) and took off with it. Around where I live in Brooklyn there are a lot of advertisements for roller derby games, and they contain superheroic illustrations of hot roller derby girls. I liked the intense implied physicality of those illustrations, and roller derby get-ups in general, and brought some of that to my redesign of the former Disco Dazzler. Now, she plays hard, she rolls hard, and she glows hard.

Sharpie sketch, as I'm still on the road. When I return home, I may do a more detailed piece for my own amusement.


  1. Glad you could join us with your Sharpie!
    Roller Derby Dazz in "Derby get-up SIN" is a good idea!

  2. You are a Sharpie master! Dazzler finally looks like she could kick some ass!