Friday, 1 October 2010

Young Robert Mitchum in Jail!

In 1948, young Robert Mitchum served a sentence of 50 days in jail for possessing a marijuana cigarette. For shame, young Robert Mitchum! What would the innocent children of America think of your recklessly lawless shenanigans? Now stop all this foolishness and go about resuming your career as a respected Hollywood actor, young man.


  1. Would he REALLY smoke five at at time, man?
    YOu're bummin me out dude...

  2. An inspiration to us all!

    ..and Mitchum too

  3. Nice one, you captured that elusive Mitchum face.

    At first glance, I thought that Mitchum had eaten a bird.

  4. Tim- Yes, young Robert Mitchum could smoke five, ten, even twenty at a time! That's when men were men...

  5. Thanks Simon!

    George- Damn, those do look like feathers! Hmm...
    Maybe less lines woulda helped...