Thursday, 3 March 2011


After watching a youtube clip (Baby Monkey -see below) George O'Connor infected the entire studio with its insanely catchy music. It was not made any better by George's intermittent singing of the song throughout the day. Yesterday was difficult. If it were a mythical beast, it would look something like this:

The inspiration for this can be seen here. Watch at your own risk:

Sure, Baby Monkey has its charms but it is truly no match for Kitten Shark!


  1. Highly disturbing, but entirely apt.

    I could live without the kitten/shark tho....urk

  2. Well, I was going to post a baby monkey (baby monkey, going backwards on a pig, baby monkey), but now I would be redundant, Still, i hope the infection spreads, and more people fall under the sinister sway of baby monkey, baby monkey, going backwards on a pig, baby monkey.

    Also, Joe will pay.

  3. Jean: What is that annoying song you keep whistling?!?

    Tim: Baby monkey. George introduced me to it.

    Jean: First Zardoz, and now this???!!! arrrrgh!

    Tim: Don't worry, I dissed him pretty hard on his face book page the yesterday.

    Jean: Oh, let me see.

    Tim & Jean (as they read Face Book thread inferring that George gets pleasure from vibrating cells phones in his pockets) Hahahahahahha.

    And Joe. Nice creepy drawing...

  4. wow this is so disturbing, but wouldn't expect nothing less from hypothetical island! very catch tune... must.. resist... singing it!!!

  5. Revenge is a dish best served cold.... and that So qualifies.

  6. George-I KNEW IT! Gotcha! Haw haw! I thought for sure you'd have the jump on me but NO! IN YOUR FACE O'CONNOR!

  7. The best revenge is getting a stupid song about a baby monkey going backwards on a pig stuck in everyone's head for days. And the best thing is, it just keeps on giving. All I need to do from now on is sing a few bars and BOOM! Baby monkey going backwards on a pig is stuck in your heads! BWAHAHAHAHAHA

  8. I have the cure