Monday, 1 November 2010

J.M. DeMatteis

We are honoring the talented and all around nice guy J.M. DeMatteis
today at Drawbridge.If you don't know his work, just
google his name. He has a BIG resume.

I believe(Google didn't resolve this question for
me)J.M. created Vermin, and I have always had a strong
memory of the character's first appearance during DeMatteis'
run on Captain America waaaay back in the early eighties.

Thus, I give you, Vermin:


  1. Great choice and depiction! Cheers too to JM. He makes comics with a pulse.

  2. Very nice choice. And you really caught his disgustingness.

  3. You make me want to dump all of my color and work only in INK!

    Very, very cool, Tim... I liked Vermin, too. I mostly remember him from his appearance in Spectacular Spider-Man, drawn by Sal Buscema. Vermin was so creepy and tragic!

  4. As I said on my blog, Tim: you were born to draw a moody Spider-Man epic. This is great!


  5. Thanks!
    I can only hope that Dr. Strange guest stars.