Thursday, 4 November 2010


Adventure was a game about a knight (i think) who had to find an enchanted sword (i think) and defeat a dragon (maybe a large duck?) and find a way across a river (?) with a portable bridge (i never really figured out what that was) into a castle (obvious) and then when you beat the game the screen would flash and make a weird noise. I'm not really sure what the character's motivations were, but in my head when I played the game I saw something like this:

When it actually looked like this:

Which is probably why I'm drawing comics right now.


  1. I just broke into a cold sweat looking at this! I played this damned game for DAYS!...maybe WEEKS! It cost so much money that I felt obliged to obsess about it even though it was frankly RUBBISH!


    Awesome many pixels!

  2. "The thing barely moved
    and I was expecting
    a lot of wiggle.
    Having said that it
    was insanely robust
    despite the appalling
    abuse it suffered."

    "Wiggle" by Tim H.

    Awesome as always Becky.
    Never saw this game.

  3. I'm ignoring Tim right now....LaLaLAAAAALAA

  4. This is awesome.