Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Keyop - In His Own Words

" So people say t'me , 'What happened t'all the beeps and boops Keyop?' and I used t'get all defensive about it. It took me a lot of years and a lot of speech therapy y'know. An then there was the drugs and the pills an stuff. I mean I know I drink a bit too much these days , but back then it was off the hook y'know. Not like Jason though, that guy went off the rails big time! I guess we all know how that worked out. I get sad sometimes thinkin' about it. "

"Regrets? Naaah , life's too short f'that shit. I got it good now. A wife an kids, a business of my own, We managed t'pay off the house last year. That all looks pretty small-time when yer a kid yerself and y'think the world's at yer feet. Lemme tell ya life ain't like that. But y'gotta learn that stuff the hard way, y'know?"

"Advice? Naaah nuthin really. I suppose I could say Just enjoy the ride. Y'knever know where it can take you and if y'get too wrapped up in y'self y'might miss the good parts."


  1. So Keyop turned into Tiny when he grew up?

  2. Tiny got his shit together, he runs a Gym in Atlanta these days. He met up with Princess at their 10 year reunion and now they have 2 kids.

  3. I want to read this as a comic book- It's about time we got a science fiction Death of a Salesman kinda story!

  4. I've heard this probably-not-true rumor that in the original Gatchaman series Keyop was not a borderline retarded child who went 'boop be boop" all the time, but rather a very foul mouthed little man. Interesting, but like I said, probably not true.

    Very funny though, Simon.


    late, but did one anyway, since the characters in that show are so cool looking!

    Nice side story, btw, you always wonder what happens to them AFTER the fame...