Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Wizard day

Harry Potter week stumbles along unsure of it's future as Robin, Becky
and Tina (potter week's most strident supporters) have yet
to do a "Potter" sketch.

Thus, Tuesday is only "Wizard" day. Will Potter week survive?
Today is a pivotal day in it's struggle to
gain prominence over the week before the semi finals!

My Wizard is the Saturday morning wizard of years past known as
"Mighty Isis! I always wanted to see her fight Anubus, the
Egyptian God of the dead, so here it is!!!


  1. That's awesome, Tim! Harry Potter week doesn't exactly have me psyched, either...
    But "wizard" is an okay topic.
    I did my favorite wizard, Jaquio from the NES game Ninja Gaiden, no relation to the one in my comic.

  2. Thanks steve!
    Wizard makes all happy!


  3. Damn tim that is awesome work right there

  4. Oh Mighty Isis! And a mighty swell drawing, too!