Thursday, 18 November 2010

"don't touch it, it's evil"

I was reading about The Leonid meteor showers this morning.
IF you don't know:
"The Leonid meteor showers reached the height of their activity November 17 and November 18 2010. The meteors appear in the sky near the Leo constellation."

And then George sent out today's theme which is:
"don't touch it, it's evil."

Thus my sketch makes all kinds of sense!


  1. Oh yeah, go ahead and blame me. Because you're sketches normally follow such an airtight pattern of logic.

    This is beautiful, though.

  2. tim, this is one of my favorites of yours. absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Ok, wow. For a sketch, that's pretty awesome.

  4. Really amazing Tim. Incredibly imaginative and wonderfully executed.

  5. Thanks all. ...actually hated this sketch but didn't
    want to do a do over.