Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Mr. T vs. Harry Potter

Apologies for the terrible quality-- I'm on the road with no scanner, so this is a cell phone picture. Just as well, because Mr.T vs Harry Potter is a pretty weird topic, yo.

I'll be sure to draw tomorrow's in pen to increase the contrast, and hopefully we'll have a less insane post topic.


  1. Ha!
    I'll be on the road soon also.
    We'll see if I can still manage.
    Me, George AND Simon away at the same time???

    Will Drawbridge survive?

  2. Not to mention Nathan! It will all be entirely on the shoulders of Natalie. If it fails, we blame her.

  3. You guys have to take the consideration of the time difference for me...between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

  4. Nathan's in Philadelphia, I believe.

    Oh, and poo on Manhattan. Poo I say!

  5. Manhattan is at least 3 cups of coffee behind us.