Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Wizard day: Dumbledore

I've originally suggested today's theme to be "Dumbledore's past" for this week's harry potter marathon, but it got snuffed by HP haters/ people who doesn't know much about HP or dumbledore. But I'm sticking with Dumbledore since he IS my favorite wizard. J.K. Rowling won't probably write a prequel to HP but I would love to know more details about Dumbledore's past. I was going to draw a close up of Dumbledore as a hot young man with his "friend" Grindelwald, but that seemed a bit too easy/ over done by many fan art out there. So here it is! (I won't say who's who in this picture to avoid spoiler.)


  1. We're not haters...of Robin's art!
    Robin's art is top notch.

    I'm glad it's spoiler proof just in case I read
    beyond the first book. : )

  2. now I've gotta go back and refresh my memory about Dumble-dee-dore.

  3. I can very much relate to this image as I have often felt like killing people 'for the greater good', though never Robin.

    ...I think I've probably said too much

  4. You think she won't write a prequel? For her almost anything Harry Potter related is guaranteed money, I'm not sure why she wouldn't.

  5. Love your sketch Robin!
    A prequel would be good but I'm not sure it will happen either, i don;t think J.K Rowling needs more money.
    Or maybe she does after giving 10 million to an MS charity!

  6. Nice drawing, Ms. Ha. Dumbledore's sordid past is coming to light...