Monday, 29 November 2010


Nathan Schreiber is leaving NYC for sunnier skies and thus the theme is...
"Shower." Why? Well that's a long story, but here's my sketch done as
if I were Tom Wilson...


  1. If you drew Ziggy cartoons, I and numerous others would actually read Ziggy cartoons, as opposed to existing in our actual world wherein nobody, presumably not even the creator of Ziggy cartoons, reads Ziggy cartoons. 'Cause Ziggy cartoons, man, they ain't funny.

    BTW, I thought Garfield hated Mondays. Did Ziggy hate them too?

  2. By hiding the face, you can imagine ANYONE under that umbrella. Garfield, Marmaduke or even yourself!

    And that rainy bathtub could be ANY office or

  3. couldn't be any studio, looks like pretty good water pressure.

    yes, if Tim wrote and drew Ziggy I would read it every day. I'd probably read any strip tim wrote / draw every day

  4. If I syndicate my new strip "Tim Draws Ziggy," at least I have two subscribers.

    Well, one is technically a "Schreiber."