Monday, 13 December 2010

In High School: Teen George

Ah, high school... The above is an approximation of my standard high school uniform: black Beatle boots, Black jeans (worn to the point of grey), black turtleneck (t-shirt in the summer), and topped off by a ridiculous bouffant of long curly brown hair... ah, high school me, I'd punch you.


  1. HA!
    Was gym your favorite class?

  2. Did you wear the Barbra Streisand mask all the time too?

  3. Of course, I was a natural athlete. In my school, all the jocks wore Beatle boots.

    Re: Barbra Streisand, yeah, I kinda didn't get my own likeness here. It's more of a "spiritual" self-portrait, I guess.

  4. You forgot to tag this gheybones.

    Nice shadow (or I should say highlights) on that figure.