Monday, 13 December 2010

In High School: Teen George

Ah, high school... The above is an approximation of my standard high school uniform: black Beatle boots, Black jeans (worn to the point of grey), black turtleneck (t-shirt in the summer), and topped off by a ridiculous bouffant of long curly brown hair... ah, high school me, I'd punch you.


  1. Did you wear the Barbra Streisand mask all the time too?

  2. Of course, I was a natural athlete. In my school, all the jocks wore Beatle boots.

    Re: Barbra Streisand, yeah, I kinda didn't get my own likeness here. It's more of a "spiritual" self-portrait, I guess.

  3. You forgot to tag this gheybones.

    Nice shadow (or I should say highlights) on that figure.