Thursday, 2 December 2010

what are jeggings?

not my most imaginative post but i had to google it to even know what it was. thankfully it fell in line with my primary artistic goal, which is to draw girls butts. i had to put about 30 pounds on this poor, butt-deprived model... whattaysay let's organize a holiday food drive for all the needy models and their tiny butts?


  1. If your primary artistic goal is to draw women's butts, you should have a good time when we all draw Jason Little's Bee to celebrate Motel Art Improvement Service coming out in a couple of weeks. She all about the butt, yo.

  2. We're doing Bee? Yayy!
    Oh and Yayy for womens butts too. I'm so sorry I missed this one.

    Nice one Ryan, this would have been the drawing I would have done.