Monday, 13 December 2010

In High School

"In High School" is today's theme.
At first I was going to do something witty about acne or
sullenness or something but couldn't come up with an
image worth sketching.

Then I thought, if the internet and or Drawbridge existed when
I was in high school (or jr.high) I would have done this!

I would have sketched the Paul Smith re-design of Storm when she went
all "Punk!" Mohawks where already a cliche by the time
they did this to Storm, but I remember being into
the story line and Paul Smith's art.


  1. That was certainly a WTF?! moment in my youth. A completely arbitrary bit of pandering nonsense inflicted on a well established character, for no good reason other than shock value. I mean if Kitty Pryde had done it that might have made sense. She was the self-hating teenager after all.

    Thanks for the memories Tim.

  2. Yes, I like to think that if anyone but Paul Smith had drawn X-men at that point I would have hated it and seen it for what it was. But who knows...I was an awkward teen who didn't know any better.

  3. I always kind of liked the Mohawk Storm-- in fact, that was the first Storm I knew. It actually took me a surprisingly long time to realize that the Mohawk Storm was the same character long-haired, caped Storm I saw referenced occasionally in flashbacks. I guess it was because Mohawk Storm actually looked black, whereas the other Storm looked like a tan white lady. I guess I was dumb.

  4. yeah that's a far cry from Halle Berry. Nice drawing; I would not fuck with her