Monday, 6 December 2010

Civilization - 4 Real

After 3 weeks driving, walking, flying and climbing through Bolivia & Peru; after reading extensively about lost cultures and societies while studying their ruins and talking with their descendants; then mused on the nature of the modern world and how indigenous cultures can maintain their identities in the face of globalization and corporate hegemony; I have come to this conclusion...if you ain't got broadband then you're just another skinny white guy with a few bucks in his pockets.

After that shocking revelation I leave you with a joke.

I didn't say it was a good joke....


  1. Oh Maya, what an awful joke...

    Welcome back, Simon!

  2. Simon stole that statue's pencil!

    He should have stole a sense of humor from

  3. So let's say I'm an overweight, penniless Incan woman with broadband that unexpectedly cuts out-- does that automatically make em a skinny white guy with a few bucks in his pocket?

  4. Did you spend the whole morning agonising over that?

  5. (looks down sadly at feet) Yes. Yes I did.

  6. Tim with the burn!

    Welcome back Simon :)

  7. Not a bad joke. Hope it was fun!