Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Beatles

Today is the 30th anniversary of the death of John Lennon, but rather
than being overly morose we decided to simply do "The Beatles" today.

Without taking the time to research or even google the "Yellow Submarine"
animated move, I simply drew this with only my memories of the film's
look mixed with the look of the 60's in general. Took longer
to color than it did to draw!

IF you're wondering, this is no particular Beatle...


  1. Somewhere along the way Tim, you missed your true vocation in life....somehow.
    I can see a lot of colour coming on this topic, which will be fun.

  2. Wow - way to channel Peter Max (isn't that the designer?) from memory.

    The colors are pulled directly from my gramma's TV room.

  3. totally rad Tim. I love that you just pulled this straight out of your head - this is kind of what I imagine the inside of your brain looks like

  4. You guys have never been to Tim's apartment right...?

  5. My oldest mate's dad worked as an animator on Yellow Submarine. Tim, you're channeling his spirit.

  6. Thanks Badzee!

    So...can you interview your Dad's mate?