Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A group of friends in college had a transcendant (and substance assisted) experience listening to this song at a party. Interestingly enough, when I read Miss-Lasko Gross' fantastic A Mess of Everything I found out this was actually something of a universal experience.

I've heard legends that there's a 27 minute version of this song somewhere. Someday I'd like to hear it. When researching this song I found this pretty charming video of Paul working the song out:


  1. Isn't Helter Skelter supposed to be the first 'Rock' song?
    So totally appropriate treatment Nathan.

  2. Nathan, rumor has it that Leonard Lopate drops acid to this song everyday before his show.

    It's a rumor I heard in my apartment anyway...

  3. ^
    |-----Offical weirdest comment on Drawbridge

    I guess that explains why he got all choked up today