Wednesday, 1 December 2010

alpha flight!

Hello from the Mountains! I have to do some kid-friendly storyboards for a short animation today, so I took Major Maple Leaf and uh, that blue chick in that direction.

Also, here's yesterdays sketch, I was too much of a mess to post it but I drew it on the plane. This scene from Empire Strikes Back (the only Star Wars movie that has aged well IMO) is significant in my life in that Han Solo was definitely my teenage definition of how to act cool around women (for better or worse).


  1. His name is Guardian NOT Major Maple leaf.
    Duh! Shee!

    The kiss shot is nice!

  2. Schreib in da haus! How's the West treatin' ya?

    I like how deranged Snowbird and Guardian look.

    Regarding Han, did you ever see 100 days of Summer? There's an awesome cameo of Han Solo as THE epitome of our generation's concept of cool with chicks.

  3. It's freakin cold here! thirty degrees! Also, there are lots of dogs here.

    I saw 100 days of summer, and yes, that scene says it all

  4. Cold and a lot of dogs.

    You're leaving much to our imaginations, Nathan.

  5. Here in Bolivia there are also many dogs, it is also cold in some parts.

    Good to see that leaving new York doesn't result in loss of creative powers Nate.