Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Strange Tales Dogpile

Today issue #3 of Marvels "indie" anthology Strange Tales hits comic stands, this time featuring stories by frequent Drawbridger Tim Hamilton and some guy who I sit next to at the studio Dean Haspiel. Tim's story features Machine Man and Morbius the Living Vampire, showcasing his love for both artificial life and the undead ; Dean's features Woodgod and the Thing, in a testament to his ongoing passion for  both brawny shirtless guys and ungulates. I drew all 4 characters going at at it, Brooklyn style. Check it out now, at comic shops everywhere.


  1. Dean is now Googleing 'ungulate'

    Either you're influencing Reilly or he's influencing you! Either way..WIN!

  2. It's been fun having Reilly in the studio-- helped me get in touch with my old-school superhero comics influences. Marvel should totally hire ME for their next Strange Tales venture.

    I had the same thought about ungulates, too. It's why I put it in there :)