Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Alpha Flight

Studio mate Reilly Brown is illustrating
an Alpha Flight one shot. Thus, today
at Drawbridge we are drawing members of...yeah, Alpha Flight.

I haven't seen an Alpha Flight comic since 1984 or so, but one
member of the team is a big sasquatch creature, and I'm a big fan of

The REAL one that is.

Not the Marvel comics make-believe one. Or that fake Bionic one
from the 1970's...


  1. fake bionic Sasquatch-- you just dated yourself, son!

  2. "if you ask me, it's that damned Sasquatch!"

    nice drawing Tim, even though I wanted to see how you drew the fake bionic one

  3. Yes, George I'm old enough to have had a crush on Jaime Sommers!

    No regrets!!!!