Thursday, 2 December 2010

Jeggings-- Coming soon to an L Train near you...

Today's topic, chosen by Mr. Tim Hamilton, is "Jeggings" and as so often happens when Tim chooses a topic, I scratch my head and go to the internets to see what the hell he's talking about.

According to Wikipedia, Steven Ameling, fashion critic, stated that while jeggings are acceptable careerwear, the blending of the word 'jeans' with the word 'leggings' is, " abomination."

Me, I see these "jeggings" as the inevitable and unsightly conclusion of the current skinny jeans trend. Anyone who has ever ferried between Williamsburg and Manhattan knows that the L Train serves as a rolling runway for the fashionably hip, so, hence my drawing.


  1. Every time I see a pair of these in-town I die a little more inside; and I quite agree with Mr. Ameling, they are indeed "an abomination."

  2. No one hates the L train more than George.

    I like this character, but not what he represents...

    Glad you squeezed "Dr. Z" in there!
    His family looked horrible before he got his hands
    on them, eh?

    Do I smell tomorrow's theme??

  3. HA! just saw Dr. Z. what a perfect easter egg.

    I don't think they make jeggings for men (yet)

  4. The subway is all about Dr. Z. I like to count how many times the honorable Dr. Zizmor puts his own name in his ads-- he averages about 11 times per ad.

    Emphasis on "yet" on the Jeggings for Men front. hence the "coming soon to the L train"