Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Dazzler redesign

“Dazzler redesign”
With NYCC taking over NYC for the rest of the week, Simon thought we would redesign Dazzler’s costume this Wednesday over at Drawbridge.

I redesigned her. Period. And tied George for wordiness.

You can read her sad history here if you want:

My redesgn:
Deepesh Lord of light and sun!
Born in Delhi , the daughter of the goddess Lakshmi and a human scientist, Deepesh is imbued with the power to turn her mantra chants into blinding light.

Being young and untrained though, she accidentally blinded herself at age 12 when she disobeyed her mother and put on a massive lazar light show using her powers.

Now she wanders the Earth, as punishment for being so disobedient, helping mortals with the aid of her magic cat, Dhruv who acts as her eyes when needed and often eats Lasagna to the detriment of his health.


  1. Holy crap, Tim - that's packed with energy and brimming with scintillating detail.

  2. A touch of the Brendan McCarthy in this, which is always a good thing. Also like the cat....and the origin

  3. nice drawing / story. Does the cat hate mondays?

  4. The cat hates Mondays, but he's "Hanging in there!"

  5. Your Dazzler's melting my brain!