Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Penguin

Oh, you go, Batman. Go and beat the holy living crap out of your fearsome nemesis, the middle-aged, bird-obsessed, overweight dwarf in a tuxedo. Ooh, watch out! He's got an umbrella!

Maybe for an encore you can smash the face in of that skinny ass in the question-mark leotard, you big toughie you.


  1. I know that I am cured from Superheroes when I look at this and go....oh The Penguin, he never even occurred to me.
    Good punching BTW

  2. I though george would just draw the wonder twins in the form of Ice and a penguin.

    Oh well, this is nice too!

  3. In the UK we have chocolate bars called Penguins. Coulda done that...

  4. yeah, like Supes is real afraid of of Mr. Mxylplacheride

    Nice punch tho