Monday, 1 November 2010

DeMatteis Day: Blue and Gold

In a conversation that might have precipitated this day in part, J.M. DeMatteis collaborator Mike Cavallaro and I were talking the other day about the immense impact Giffen and DeMatteis's Justice League had on me-- it remains, probably, my favorite run on any comic to this day.

I knew right away that I wanted to draw the characters who have come to embody that period of the League more than any others, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. Through the writing of DeMatteis and Giffen, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold evolved into the greatest best friend duo in comics. During the heyday of the JLI, the letter pages were always a twitter with rumors of a Blue and Gold spinoff series that never materialized. We finally, years later, finally kind of have it-- DeMatteis has been doing wonderful work on the ongoing Booster Gold series, costarring the currently deceased Blue Beetle.


  1. And with the "McGuire angle" TM too.
    I too loved those 2 rascals.

  2. Once again, thanks to ALL of you artistic geniuses: You've made my day! JMD

  3. Nice.
    Booster was nutin before DeMatties.

  4. Simon, the only acceptable way to draw this picture would have been from the Maguire angle ® (although I tried a reverse worm-eye sketch, just to see).

    Tim, I always think it's very interesting how these two very disparate characters have now become so inextricably linked. Testament to those stories.

    And J.M., thanks for writing those stories! I hope this day wasn't too weird for you :)

  5. Tomorrow is George O'Connor day

  6. Wait, I thought it was Sleeping Beauty! Are you trying to seduce me Simon? Because I am very sleepy...