Monday, 1 November 2010

J.M.DeMatteis Day

"Moonshadow" by J.M.DeMatteis and Jon J. Muth was one of those comics that showed me what the form was capable of, and in turn made we want to do comics myself.
Many years later, I had been doing just that for a living, but it was a tough road and I was reaching a point where it seemed wiser to give up.
Right about then, I got an email from DeMatteis himself. He'd read my self-published work, and was writing to say how much he had enjoyed it.
Those few words made all the difference for me, and were just what I needed to keep going. That included the opportunity to develop "The Life And Times Of Savior 28" with J.M.D. himself, which we published last year through IDW Publishing.

Thanks, J.M., for many years of inspiration, and here's to many more!

- Mike

My sketch: SAVIOR 28, of course! [click image for larger view]