Monday, 10 January 2011

The Thin White Duke

Thanks be to Bowie for all the great music and making thin and white cool again.


  1. Wow, awesome drawing, you capture the androgynous weirdness perfectly!

    BUT (and this is a minor quibble) that is not Thin White Duke era Bowie! That is Aladdinsane! / Ziggy Stardust era Bowie

  2. Yeah! This Aladdinsane, yo!

    Very Berry Winsor smith there, Simon!

  3. I am aware of this stuff, I just chose to draw Alladin Sane.

    Barry W. Smith just copies the same dudes I do.

  4. Wow - one of my favorite things you've done here.

  5. I think Simon just meant skinny, white dudes in general. The Thin White Duke would have to come equipped with a 50 bag and a blank check from Bryan Ferry.

    At a glance, it's BWS, but I see some Toppi in there. Very nice.