Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Doctor Who

When I picked this theme I thought of all the odd
aliens and monsters I could draw
and how I would pick just ONE of those!!

Then I looked at google and saw Mr. William Hartnell in his smug pose
and realized who I had to sketch.
I did not grow up with this, the original renegade ornery mad
scientist of a doctor, but once I saw the episodes (originally aired
in 1963-66) I knew he was ultimately my favorite despite how
much we all love Tom Baker and the current version.

Love his farewell


  1. Splendid Tim.
    Hartnell was a really wonderful Dr Who.

  2. Yay Hartnell! If he hadn't been so great, there wouldn't have been the other eleven.

  3. Dr. Who? Never heard of this guy.

    Nice Dalek in the background

  4. Tim, do you feel all powerless and impotent now that Abadzis beat you to Drawbridge today? Huh? Do ya? Do ya?

  5. I dig this blog and I dig this drawing!