Thursday, 27 January 2011

Bad Apple!

A quick digital colour sketch this morning to commemorate my late MacBook Pro. ( Photoshop, Wacon Intuos 2 , Windows7, very cheap Acer PC )
After 2 years of use the Logic Board overheated and I pay the $600 (!!) to replace the board, hoping that if I am REALLY careful, don't use the machine all the time and keep it well ventilated, I might get a few more years out of it.
8 months later it's dead again and this time I'm not getting suckered into replacing the bloomin' logic board.

So I do some research. It turns out that overheating is a VERY widespread issue with MacBook Pros and a wide variety of other Apple equipment. Because cooling isn't as important as looking Cool!

Buyer beware!


  1. Nice illo. I was thinking of going the Mac route this morning as well, but you beat me to it. I've got back-up plans, though.

    It's funny you mentioned the overheating, because lately I've been wondering how it is my Macbook Air keeps it's cool. I even had a dream last night wherein I discovered two tiny little fans with vents in the front of the screen.

  2. I wanted to talk to you about the Air actually....

  3. I thought macs weren't ever supposed to break, like in that commercial with the fat guy with glasses?

    I like my mac, but if I had PC software I'd go that direction in a minute

    Nice illu, BTW

  4. Creepy.
    Centipede means, Lot-O-legs.