Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Dr. Who!


Like George, I am not super-familiar with Dr. Who. Unlike George, I will make no apologies for it. A bushy-haired weirdo traveling through time in a telephone booth to fight garbage cans? sounds wack as hell, but a lot of people eat this show up so it must have some redeeming qualities. Maybe I'll pick it up when I get through the next 350 episodes of Naruto


  1. Never seen an episode of Dr. Who but THIS is a show I've got to watch!

  2. You drew Harpo Marx as Dr. Who!

    And they're Pepper Pots not Garbage cans.

  3. Hey, it's a Dr. Who/ Penguin twofer. The erection, though, who knows what that's about.

  4. I never did like Colin Baker Who.
    Funnily enough Dr Who did travel around with a Penguin for a while, in the comic strips. His name was Frobisher I believe.

    I think the Boner says more about Nathan than anything else frankly.