Monday, 3 January 2011

Le Rouge et le Noir, Chronique du XIXe siécle

Le Rouge et le Noir is a novel by Stendhal. It's been adapted numerous times for the screen , but I particularly remember the BBC version from the early 90s. The central character Julien Sorel gets a commission in the French Army. The uniform was especially good. It probably had a large influence on how Nikolai Dante eventually looked. Have men ever gone to their deaths dressed more flamboyantly  than this? The central role was rather demurely played by Ewan McGregor and his love interest was played by Rachel Weisz ( she made a bigger impression on me at the time...cough )


  1. Wow!
    George rises from the pit, and everyone else
    springs back to life along with him!!

    Nice drawing. Will have to check out that
    BBC show.

  2. Nice drawing Simon, but I gotta believe there's a more flamboyant outfit men have been sentenced to their death in...

    ...ok maybe not, that shit is straight up fancystyle

  3. I'm like king zombie, yo.

    I'm going to have to confirm, as an outside observer, that this definitely had an effect of your Dante designs. Nice drawing.