Friday, 28 January 2011

Kat Berfday Dubble Post!

Yeah, you read that right, double post!

Today is the birthday of my fellow Hypothetical Islander, Kathleen Roberts. My last birthday, Kat drew me a beautiful piece that will serve one day as the cover to a novel I've yet to write. I wanted to make sure I played proper respect to Kat's bday so I first drew this piece, an homage to her favorite film, Purple Rain, which she has inflicted upon us on the Island on several occasions.

I wasn't wild about the finished result-- it somehow didn't catch that je nais se Kattish feeling I was looking for. I took a break to take some garbage out and this idea jumped to my head.

Kat's not a superhero, and she's never raked me with her nails, but somehow I thought this was much more her. Anyway, Happy Birthday, Kat!


  1. Wow man, these are awesome!
    The top one is great. You should draw a whole comic like that!

    The "Kat" cover is Hil-ar-e-ous-ha-mmm.
    Cause that's how Kat really talks!

  2. This is hilarious! The corner image is perfect. But why did cut up and destroy your VG/F Cat comic? George, c'mon, man.

  3. Tim- Yes, I feel I did a particularly accurate job in capturing Kat's specific syntax.

    Fiffe- I didn't mind cutting this one up 'cause I have two m/mm copies. One's even been AFA graded as "bitchin'"

  4. i look at these two images and a couple of things go through my mind. firstly, i love them! secondly, that love doesn't not make me feel any less compelled to come up with a well planned revenge. you'll pay, o'connor.

  5. whoa the top one captures her perfectly, you da man George

  6. I do like the biker portrait. The other one too.

  7. HA looooooooooooove you kat so cool