Monday, 3 January 2011

from black and blue to black and red

I've started making new pages of Power Out so I might be using my Drawbridge warmup sketches to get back into the swing of things - it's been a while since I've drawn these characters and there's some things I need to "relearn." Justin doesn't look quite right here, too short, he should look a little more delicate.

Interesting look with the red instead of the blue.


  1. You didn't do the sketchy look!
    But looks nice no the less...

  2. I really like spot color. In some ways, it's more evocative than full color, and you can really feel the 'heat' in this here illo. Nice!

  3. Yeah Tim, unfortunately it's probably a good idea to continue Power Out in the same style I've been doing it in. I promise that I'll be doing more work in the loose style, though.

    Thanks for the kind words everyone

  4. Looks cool! I agree with everyone else that the red looks great. Maybe you can bust out the red for future chapters? Switch up the color palette as Spongy McSockpullup* enters new phases of his journey?

    *yeah, that's right, you heard me. Spongey McSockpullup is Justin's new name. This I declare!