Saturday, 29 January 2011

Space Sasquatch 2

Drew this this morning, then played around with coloring it but
I actually have work to do so I gave up coloring it.
So here is "Partially colored "Space Sasquatch 2" cause it's Saturday
and nobody cares what the theme is.


  1. this image feels a lot like a moebius drawing. very cool, tim.

  2. This is really sweet. I agree with Kat, it's got a Moebius feel to it, and i think it also looks kind of British. I say, put some breasts in there and sell the whole thing to Heavy Metal.

  3. Simon was looking at the Moebius cover of Transmetropolitan yesterday at the studio and
    I admit I was playing trying to color something
    the way he does just to see how he does it.
    I figured out maybe 5 percent of that mystery.

  4. Why is Denmark a tag? I agree, great drawing

  5. Moeby has a funny way of marking highlights, it's very distinctive and non-naturalistic.

    This is very Moebius, though funny....something that Moebius struggles with.

  6. Nathan, Denmark is a tag because this Space Sasquatch story takes place in a future Denmark.