Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Dee-Dee Dalek

An oldie but goodie to start the day off. I first drew this guy in about 1983. He used to have a mohican on his dome too.


  1. Dear god you beat me!!
    Nice light bulbs.

  2. YOU BEAT TIM on a subject HE CHOSE!
    This has never happened!

    Nice Dalek! Love the Leopard spots.

  3. how are these guys villains? Who would be afraid of them?

    Good to see you posting here Nick:D

  4. Seriously. Climb up a flight of stairs, or even step up a curb. That's the end of the Dalek invasion.

  5. Congratulations, guys. You reduced Si to a sigh. I hope you're happy.

    Don't think I was ever frightened of Daleks. To be honest, I think they're hilarious (hence drawing above) - and yet, you're asked to believe that these motorized dustbins with quaky speech impediments are capable of conquering galaxies. That's part of their appeal. I love 'em.