Friday, 28 January 2011

Happy Birthday Kat!

Many happy returns on the day!
So it took a while, but I eventually found this beauty parked at a Bestbuy outside Secaucus. The painting was easy 'cos I made a transparent sticker and quickly stuck it down while the driver was inside the store. I painted the name on the door very quickly with Acrylic paint. The van looked like it was in good condition, I left Kat's e-mail address taped to his windshield wiper.
Pheww, busy night!


  1. Ha! I so wish that I owed a black van with fish bowl windows so that i could have you airbrush this on the side of it. Thanks, Simon!

  2. Would you believe that's the effect I was going for?

    Very nice, Si. I want that on a piece of velvet.

  3. Very good likeness, Simon. I also would like to see this airbrushed on a van. Snap to it!

  4. I m gonna buy a van now!
    well done