Wednesday, 2 February 2011

John Barry, Meltdown Concert 2007

I already did a JB post at my own blog, so here, at Tim's suggestion, are a few impressionistic sketches I did of the great man in June 2007.

Here's what I said at the time: "These are drawings I did of John Barry sitting in the Royal Box opposite me at the Royal Festival Hall. I hesitate to call it a portrait, as it was done peering through the gloom of a huge, darkened auditorium, but I hope I captured something of him. I wish I could remember what the orchestra was playing at this point; I should've noted it down but I was kind of caught up in it all. It was intense - drawing John Barry while the orchestra played John Barry, y'know?"


  1. These are really great!
    This is the kind of quick Reportage drawings
    that I love.

  2. Thank you gents. I was gutted to learn of his passing, although I knew he wasn't long for this world. He was really frail at this concert; only conducted two numbers before handing over to someone else. I'm so glad I went to see it, now.

  3. Whoa, awesome, love that crazy vortex orchestra surrounding him!