Wednesday, 16 February 2011

"Chocolate Aphrodite"

I think it was George and Simon who came up with today's theme.

Anyway, I drew a scene from the "lost" episode of the
1960's Batman tv show that featured the villainy of Chocolate Aphrodite!
Played Cher, Aphrodite was a villain who sealed her adversaries in yummy milk
chocolate and then let a relative (in this case Aunt Harriet) unknowingly
eat them on Valentines day.

I loved this episode the one time I saw it at that Greatful Dead
concert I went to!


  1. uh, er, hmmm....

    One day, at the trial, this cartoon will be entered into evidence. But will it save you... or damn you?

  2. Love that: has something of a Brendan McCarthy Artoon about it.

  3. Thanks Mark!
    I do like McCarthy's work.

  4. her channeling cher was somehow the perfect touch for this. great post.