Friday, 11 February 2011


I don't know much about jazz. But a few weeks ago we went out to a jazz club with friends and saw the Charles Mingus tribute band, Mingus Dynasty. I was pretty much blown away by how jazz illustrates out the human experience...without words. I also thought the trombone player was awesome. And then when he started singing, the whole crowd lost it.


  1. Yeah, this is really great.

    As an aside, whenever I hear the name Charles Mingus, Simon, I think of your email Mzungus. Of course, that's pretty much nothing to do with nothing.

  2. I dunno what "Mingus " means, but "Mzungusi" is a word I invented by combining my name 'Si' and the Swahili word 'Mzungu" which means literally 'one who wanders all over the place.'

    This is still a brilliant drawing