Wednesday, 2 February 2011

John Barry

So before you all flay me for posting "The Black Hole"
on John Barry day, let me explain.

As a young boy I went to see the Black Hole hoping to
see some sort of fantastic Sci-fi cinema. Or as least some
good sci-fi as I LIKED sci-fi movies and good ones were
far and few between.

The Black Hole wasn't even a mediocre sci-fi movie.

But the one thing I did notice and enjoy as I sat somewhat bored
was...the mucic! Who is credited with the mucic for the Black Hole?
Mr. John Barry!

Thus, the only thing (besides that kind of cool evil robot
design) I enjoyed about the Black Hole was the music.
And this wasn't his best outing musically I must admit.

Anyway, the rest of you will do a bunch of James Bond sketches!


  1. Interesting thing about The Black Hole is that the main theme is an 'ostinato', a musical phrase repeated over and over to create that swirling, hypnotic effect. In this case, it's a retrograde inversion of the first few notes of Star Wars - Barry's joke. Great score, terrible film. But yes, cool evil robot! Lovely Maximillian Schell you've drawn there, too.

  2. You know more about this than I could ever hope to!

    I do like the final scene from the Black Hole. I remember wishing the movie started there. A robot ruling in Hell!

  3. I know next to nothing about music, and next to nothing about this movie other than that someone stuck an ancient bubblegum card sticker from it in one of the studio bathrooms, but still, great drawing, T-Bone.

  4. That's the best bit. Maximillian (the evil robot)'s first entrance is cool, too - quite sinister. I do also like the bit where the Earth spaceship is checking out the Cygnus with it's searchlight and the Cygnus suddenly lights up like a technological Christmas tree, darker than the blue starfield behind it. A moment of magic in a film of mostly mush.

  5. I do remember the Black Hole, well I remember anticipating seeing it, looking at production stills in magazines and getting very excited when the trailer was on TV in the morning. Then I went to see the movie... and now I remember absolutely nothing about it whatsoever.

    I saw Silent Running around the same time and that's still etched into my brain hard!

  6. ...oh , cool pic Tim. Almost certainly better than the movie....I think.

  7. Thanks people!

    And that's right, there IS a Black Hole sticker in the bathroom at the studio. Very odd.

    It's good to forget The Black Hole.

  8. This means that you and I have sat on the same toilet, Tim. Ew.

  9. That seat didn't get nice and warm all by its self, George!