Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Dr. Strange?

Dr. HUGO Strange????
Or Professor as some call him?

That was the theme today right?


  1. What?!? You passed up an opportunity to draw Dr Strange, Sorcerer Supreme and Master of the Mystic Arts, to draw the oddly muscular Hugo Strange, 3rd rate Batman villain?! Your recent Bat-fetishry has gotten out of hand. I feel gypped, I wanted to see a Hamilton Dr Strange.

  2. Third rate???

    And look here for Dr. Strange oh so forgetful...you:

  3. Your low and nefarious tactics will avail you NAUGHT Hamilton!
    The Stats don't lie!

    Sheesh , it'll be O'Connor next drawing Dr SpiderWoman Strange....

  4. We now have 81 followers due JUST to this post.

  5. I have 82 on my home blog. Gonna be sad day when Drawbridge passes that.

    Just for the record, I was totally going to draw another Spider-Woman until I found out how fun Dr Strange is to draw.

    And Tim, I liked your original Dr Strange one so much I wanted to see another like it. Hugo Strange isn't even third-rate- he's a d-lister-- just look at his dumb face. Of course he's a bad guy, the ugly freak. Feh.

    Finally, where's Fiffe's?

  6. George's word moved me to tears and then to paper...and then to tears again.

    So here! I did my Doctor Strange:


  7. That explains that funny aquarelle effect that you get Tim.