Friday, 18 February 2011


Unknown to most, once Naoki Urasawa finished his amazing "Pluto" Graphic novel series,
he began work on a sequel of sorts called,"Pluto Batman!"

Pluto Batman is the Earth's most mighty Robot because he has one human organ,
his INTESTINES! He is seen here capturing his arch foe "Joking puppet bot,"
a robot hand puppet who also has only one human part, his LIPS!!!

This comic has yet to see light due to legal battles and Naoki's wish
that the book be published BEFORE he draws it.


  1. I like the look on the Joker bot's face here. He's like "how the hell did I end up here, with intestine's wrapped around my neck, in a Tim Hamilton comic?"

  2. I like how the Jokers robotic necktie has hacked into BatPlutos abdomen and made a little house for him to live in.

  3. Why ain't that Joker laffin'? I thought everyone found intestines chucklesome.