Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Dr. Strange

My first gig at Marvel was to draw 11 pg short story of Dr. Strange. I finished drawing it at early spring of last year, and saw it being colored. Yet, it hasn't come out. I hope it doesn't fall through the crack in their archive. I really enjoyed drawing Dr. Strange even though prior to getting this gig, I've never read Dr. Strange comics before. He's tall, dark, handsome (well, at least in my head ), mysterious and has an awesome moustache! This is the character drawing I did to show my editor.


  1. I did not know this!
    I hope it comes out too.

  2. Yeah, I want to see this story. I like Dr. Strange's little boots in this drawing. He looks like a villain from an old production of Shakespeare.

  3. Yeah, your style puts some of the mystique back into the character that he lost when drawn in the usual super hero style.