Monday, 21 February 2011

Batman: Cat Woman

Cat Woman has been treated pretty badly over the
years (I'm looking at you 1990's).
She's either been a prostitute or crazy or endowed with breasts that
simply defy description (take a look at the 1990's).

I have no special love or hate for Cat Woman.
What I did here is clearly cheese cake inspired by
Frank Miller. I don't really care for the over sexualization
of Cat Woman but hear that she has become a much better character
in recent years.

So let me just be clear, this is NOT Cat Woman. It's
a fashion model dressed up AS Cat Woman.'s
all right. Shhhhhhh....It's all going to be okay....


  1. So this is a scantily clad 80s lady pretending to be Catwoman? Is that a scantily clad man pretending to be Batman behind her? Do they often play 'pretend'? It would be pretty funny if they both went outside and decided to ..I dunno, fight crime.

  2. Whoa the nipple, and whoa the eighties.

  3. What nipple? Did I accidentally put one of those in? My stats are gonna SUCK!

  4. Ha, I feel like you covered that right tit as am afterthought. Awesome drawing Tim

  5. Nice! All fashion models should dress up as Cat Woman!