Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Spider Man

I guess it's geeky Tuesday.

Love it or hate it, there's a big Broadway musical about this
guy AND another movie on the way.

Lee and Ditko did it first and
best (followed by the those great Lee-Romita years), after
that my mind goes blank.


  1. Holy shit that looks ill. Anyone at Marvel paying attention?

  2. Very intense Tim. Also very McFarlane era somehow.
    Nice job.

  3. Very cool take on Spidey, creepy but still fun.

  4. This is pretty great.

    As an aside, Peter's totally going to have to take off his pants to get out of there.

  5. Thanks guys. If Marv Wolfman sees this maybe he'll hire me to draw Spider Man.

    No wait, Danny Fingeroth edits the Spider books now doesn't he? I forget...