Monday, 28 February 2011

Fishnets - Zatanna

When todays topic of 'Fishnets' was proposed there was a very strong feeling that what that REALLY meant was 'Zatanna' ( or maybe Black Canary ) I will confess that was my first thought too. Zatanna is currently the only monthly floppy comic that I buy. I guess we'll have to have a 'Black Canary' day to make up for this.


  1. Those are some lovingly drawn fishnets. I believe I may have to go with the Canary, myself. I do prefer brunettes, but you've done such a nice Zatanna here that I think she's done. Stick a fork in her.

  2. I guess it's confusion Monday.
    Sorry of I forgot that today was Fishnets.

    "Bionic Big foot" could be the name of our new studio though,eh?

  3. Confusion Reigns!!!! A dissident faction has formed this morning led by Tim "I'm Mad As Hell" Hamilton.
    In the spirit of appeasement and reconciliation I'm doing 'Bionic Bigfoot' tomorrow.