Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Barry, John Barry

So it falls to me to do the OBVIOUS John Barry pic. As wonderful and iconic as his James Bond soundtracks were, my favourite Barry score is the one he did for the Ipcress File. There just isn't a better soundtrack for any film EVER. I play it on my iPod while walking home from the studio at night.
My buddy David Cairns has done a more comprehensive tribute to the great man over at his superb ShadowPlay Blog.


  1. Never heard of the "Ipcress File."
    I like the pun of him having a silencer!

  2. Tight drawing as always Simon

  3. Michael Caine, star of The Ipcress file was an old mate of Barry's. He told a great story about this one time he was ousted from his London flat and he stayed with John Barry who kept him awake all night writing a song on his piano. Caine heard the piece change and develop and finally, in the early hours of he morning, he gave up trying to sleep and went downstairs. Barry turned to him and said, "I've finished." Caine, bleary-eyed, asked, "Finished what?" Barry played the whole song through from start to finish and then said, "Goldfinger." The opening title sequence of The Ipcress File - and the music - betrays a personal knowledge and affection for Caine himself as much as the character he's playing, Harry Palmer. It is indeed a John Barry landmark.