Monday, 28 February 2011

Black Canary, Fishnets and Bionic Bigfoot.

Last week here at Drawbridge, we tried an experiment. On Monday, we sent out a list of topics for the whole week to our gang of contributors, in order to allow some folks extra time to psyche themselves up for a particular topic. I can't say it was a particularly successful endeavor-- we didn't get any more contributions than we would have normally (with all the extra prep time, I didn't even come up with anything for "Gag cartoon"), and additionally, with the untimely passing of Dwayne McDuffie, what was originally intended to be last Friday's topic, "fishnets", got bumped to today, Monday.

Tim Hamilton, whose obsession with Sasquatches is both well-documented and troubling, forgot that the topic for today was meant to be "fishnets" and instead drew the bionic Sasquatch from the old, old, old Six Million Dollar Man show. He and Simon Fraser posted their competing themes near simultaneously this morning, resulting in chaos and widespread destruction.

In an attempt to broker peace between these two warring factions, I decided to combine the two themes into a drawing that, like any compromise, leaves neither side happy or satisfied. I give you, fishnet-clad superheroine Black Canary vs. the Bionic Sasquatch:

Did you know that Andre the Giant played the bionic Bigfoot? I did not.


  1. Your attempts to broker peace are as ineffectual as they are misguided...however your Canary is cutting quite a lot of am inclined to be lenient in this case.

  2. Well, if it makes you feel any better the babe in fishnets has clearly beaten the bionic bigfoot.

  3. Is Big foot looking up her skirt?
    Oh, she has no skirt.


  4. He is indeed taking a peek. It's all he has left, man.